Our Clinic

Here at Chain Lake Dental Center we are proud to say that we treat every patient that comes into our office like family. We feel it is so important that our patients feel comfortable with us so that we can treat their dental needs gently and gain their trust. With trust any dental procedure becomes an easy one. We are blessed with a caring and gentle team of doctors, hygienists, assistants and administrators that all of our patients come to know very well.

We educate our patients about any dental care that we recommend. We involve our patients in decisions about their oral health because we believe that education is key in dentistry. An informed patient makes the best decisions when it comes to their oral health. We spend a great deal of time talking about dentistry with our patients and we have taken care in tailoring our website to education as well. There is an extensive section on this website that will explain most dental procedures that we provide.

We are conveniently located in the city of Halifax making us accessible to anyone desiring to become a new patient and we are always happy to invite new patients to our practice anytime. We are open daily with convenient daytime and evening hours and our dentists are so conscientious they have been known to come in on holidays and weekend to see to their patients’ emergency needs as well.

Our patients feel happy here because we are happy in our office. Please feel free to browse our site and anytime you would like to drop in for some dental care we would love to meet you!!!

Our Amazing Staff

We are a three dentist team. I (Dr. Nada) have been practicing 15 years and I enjoy all aspects of dentistry. It is a career I love so much I can be heard recruiting young patients into strongly considering dentistry as a future career. Dr. Carla is young and vibrant and comes from a general practice residency where much focus was placed on pediatrics and oral surgery. Her laugh is infectious and she puts all of her patients at ease. Last but not least is Dr. Trish. Her family history in dentistry has made her a naturally talented dentist. Her caring attitude with children and adults alike makes sure you have a gentle dental experience.

We have a wonderful team of very experienced dental professionals. Our three hygienists, Sandra, Melissa and Carolina are thorough and gentle. They have a strong interest in keeping your gums healthy and strong. If there is periodontal disease they will detect it and advise on course of treatment. We are very proud of our hygiene team. Two of them are of the very first hygienists in Atlantic Canada to be licensed in giving local anesthetic to their patients.

We have two dental assistants and we would be lost without them.

At our front desk sits Nicole L. She is the first voice you hear when you make contact with us and the first face you see when you walk in. She treats everyone like they are visiting her home. You will feel very welcome indeed.

Last but not least, is our office manager Carolyn. She is the true master mind on how we operate. She not only runs the clinic but she is the liaison between the doctors and their patients. She is the lady that will make sure you know what treatment you are having, how much it will cost and what your insurance will or will not cover. She is so important she has two offices in our space.

We are an all female clinic. I think this makes us gentle. We have an eye for how the smile should look, and we are very precise. We take care of families from the youngest to the oldest and we have great compassion. We treat ethically and we care for our patients like they are family. Here’s to hoping you will join our family of patients.